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Manage, edit, and optimize your digital marketing content and multimedia with the RubyLaw Content Lifecycle Management (CLM) platform, an award-winning marketing technology solution for the law firms of tomorrow.

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How RubyLaw helps firms overcome typical and uncommon challenges

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Measure and make better decisions with Smart Dashboards and RubyLaw 360

Legal marketers and business developers must make smart, lightning-fast decisions that can be justified and rationalized to firm leadership.

With the combination of RubyLaw Smart Dashboards and RubyLaw 360, along with a Google Analytics integration, users can track, measure, and visualize the performance of structured content, associate different content types to serve richer, and more relevant content to site visitors, and view real-time site visitor analysis with goal tracking, desktop, and mobile visitor details.

Ensure your website adheres to GDPR, CCPA, WCAG, MFA, and other standards

As global standards for making digital content accessible, ensuring user privacy, and protecting sensitive data become more rigorous, it’s critical to balance stringent implementation with an optimal user experience.

RubyLaw is a flexible and scalable platform that adheres to all levels of enforcement of compliance and security; better still, it doesn’t compromise on functionality or in delivering dynamic content to audiences of all abilities across all devices.

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RubyLaw Screenshot

Safeguard your content from duplicate and triplicate version creation

One of the biggest headaches for marketers is having multiple versions of a single piece of content. Whether it’s an original or alternate version of an attorney bio, a practice description, or other essential brand messaging, managing each across departments and output channels can be a disaster—especially with distributed team members and multilingual content.

With RubyLaw, your firm has a single source of truth from which to operate. Ensure that content is tracked, edited, revised, and managed from a central console, and that it can be pushed into websites, documents, proposals, and other formats and channels without compromising accuracy or integrity—including multilingual content.


Power your firm’s stack with the full RubyLaw Suite, or choose select modules

RubyLaw Content
RubyLaw Content powers fully responsive websites, blogs, intranets, extranets, mobile apps, and other outputs. It delivers dynamic, accessible experiences across digital touchpoints, and automatically renders media optimally, ensuring the fastest load times without compromising quality.

With its intuitive interface, RubyLaw Content makes it easy for non-technical and technical users to master. This is one of the reasons why firms of all sizes and capabilities choose it.
Select Features
  • Smart Dashboards allow users to measure and visualize the performance of structured content by topic, region, or other asset types
  • On-the-fly personalization enables alternate attorney biographies to be served to site visitors based on demonstrated interests and past click paths
  • Smart Workflows give distributed and collocated teams access to create, edit, approve, share, schedule, and publish content
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RubyLaw Proposals
RubyLaw Proposals gives marketing and business development teams the ability to leverage key content and brand assets to produce consistent yet flexible proposals in formats that include Microsoft Word, Microsoft PowerPoint, and Adobe PDF.

With a centralized source for proposal generation, firms can ensure that prospects have the most recent versions of attorney bios, practice descriptions, and more in proposals. Final documents are instantly exportable to custom-designed branded templates.
Select Features
  • Quickly add, edit, and duplicate content and entire proposals to address new opportunities and leverage work previously completed and approved
  • Track proposal status internally through content workflows to ensure appropriate collaborators have reviewed, edited, and approved before exporting final documents
  • Export proposals to native Microsoft Word and PowerPoint document formats for final review and editing
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RubyLaw Experience
RubyLaw Experience integrates seamlessly with other back-end systems to allow marketing and business development teams to surface and showcase credentials in a timely and appropriate manner.

While all firms have a unique approach to managing and organizing experience data to keep it accurate and accessible, RubyLaw Experience makes it simple to cross-reference content and surface relevant attorneys, offices, practices, and other data fields.
Select Features
  • Simple but elegant interface through which to build, modify, or flow-in content related to attorneys, industries, practices, offices, topics, and other classifications
  • Seamless and secure access to experience data by third-party applications and intranet portals
  • Custom fieldsets to accommodate specific and proprietary firm matter requirements
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RubyLaw Documents
RubyLaw Documents lets users create beautiful, consistent, pre-styled documents in formats that include Microsoft Word, Microsoft PowerPoint, and Adobe PDF.

This module is available in a push and a pull setting: Push, for internal content publishers that want to assemble pitch decks and other branded content; and Pull, for external stakeholders that want high quality outputs from a website, intranet, or other RubyLaw-powered channel.
Select Features
  • Password-protected access for front-end users via a secure web portal
  • Easy drag-and-drop functionality to select, prioritize, and reorder content for output
  • Extensive control for administrators to ensure that users have appropriate permissions and preserve brand standards
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RubyLaw Integrity
RubyLaw Integrity is an integrated error checking tool that scans and provides reporting on content integrity and stability across RubyLaw-powered output channels. These include websites, intranets, extranets, documents, and more.

This module gives users the ability to instantly correct spelling errors, syntax, broken images and links, as well as a solution to ensure instances of objectionable or banned content remains protected and unpublished.
Select Features
  • Scheduler to easily program regular site integrity scans
  • Error and broken link checker to find issues and correct and/or replace problematic content
  • Objectionable content finder seeks out and surfaces unapproved and banned content to ensure it remains unpublished
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RubyLaw Connector
RubyLaw Connector provides comprehensive Create/Read/Update/Delete (CRUD) access to website content for external applications such as intranets, third-party applications, and other websites.

As a REST-based Application Programming Interface (API), RubyLaw Connector provides for a safe, secure, and centralized repository for all company marketing and business development content.
Select Features
  • Flexible content migration capabilities to support full website content migration
  • Extensive content reports for the export of most content into Microsoft Excel-compatible (CSV) spreadsheets
  • Sophisticated widgets and web parts provide access to key content types for systems such as lawyer bio search and display for SharePoint and custom intranet solutions
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