A collaborative model that provides flexibility without compromising on forward-looking technology

RubyLaw’s approach has always been to maximize flexibility, which extends to our business model. Having built a reputation based on partnerships with creative agencies, RubyLaw brings best-in-class technology to every CLM installation while allowing clients to choose their preferred design team.

This agnostic approach benefits law firms, as it allows RubyLaw clients to select the creative experts who best represent their brands, support project objectives, and meet their budgets.

For RubyLaw, it’s enabled us to work with a diverse and talented portfolio of creative agencies and develop and hone best practices for implementing law firm websites and marketing technology solutions.

Whether it’s the first or 40th time we’ve worked with a particular agency, RubyLaw brings a proven process that ensures clarity, upholds the highest standards, and keeps projects on track.

More recently, with the introduction of RubyLaw Express, a leaner version of RubyLaw for growth-minded law firms, RubyLaw can even deliver a complete solution—including creative requirements.